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Hello! We are Ukrainian journalists Petro Shuklinov and Mariia Ksondzyk.

At the beginning of russia's massive invasion of Ukraine, a friend of Petro wrote him willing to hand over his car for the country's needs. It turned out that many cars were in need at ground zero. 
So, Petro and his team began systematically collecting money and importing entire caravans of pickup trucks for Ukrainian army needs. Since February 24th, the team has brought to Ukraine over 100 cars. But more are still in need. 
We demanded more donations. So came the idea of converting the taken-down russian aircraft into souvenirs to say "thank you" to those who wanted to donate to Ukrainians. What an irony - the things meant to destroy Ukrainians became the ones supporting them. Here is how Nesemos brand shop was created, headed by a colleague of Petro - Mariia. 
In August 2022 we launched our online store in Ukraine. In the first five months of operation, we sold more than 200 keychains worldwide and donated more than $60,000 to support Ukrainian defenders.
Our products:Among the listings presented, you will find keychains and tokens made of russian helicopters, planes, and tanks. Each of such items is unique. It contains a piece of machinery with factory colors, marks, components, and scratches. 100% handmade by a master from Mariupol. Also, you can find some clothes with morale-supporting prints, and patches.
Nesemos is a donation shop. All our products are gifts for your donations. 


of the price

goes to cars for the Armed Forces of Ukraine


thousand dollars were collected

to purchase cars for the Ukrainian Armed Forces since the war started, including donations to our bank accounts.


pickup trucks

the "Nesemos!" team has brought to Ukrainian military units since the beginning of a russia's full-scale invasion

Our contacts

For orders:

+38 073 380 06 30 - Telegram, WhatsApp

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Petro Shuklinov


Collects funds for new caravans, supervises the process of buying cars abroad, repairing and handing them over to military units.

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Mariia Ksondzyk


Collects your orders, and supervises and promotes the store to increase donations for new cars from the store.